Seminar Condensed Matter Physics


D5-153 (UHG)




14.00 Uhr - Jan Arneth, Heidelberg: High-field/high-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance studies on metal-organic V(III)-compounds

In this study we uncover the microscopic parameters, such as g-factors, anisotropy and interaction constants, in metal-organic V(III)-complexes using high-field/high-frequency paramagnetic resonance. Starting with a pentagonal-bipyramidally coordinated V(III)-monomer we increase the number of magnetic ions to investigate the magnetic interactions in a family of V_{2}Ln_{2} (Ln = Rare-earth ion) reverse butterfly and in V_{4}Ln_{4} sawtooth compounds.

14.30 Uhr - Jonas Braun, Karlsruhe: The Influence of Intra- and Intermolecular Interactions on Structural, Magnetic and Optical Properties of Lanthanide Complexes

A challenge in producing performant SMMs is the development of strategies on how to quench phonon-based relaxation mechanisms. Hence, the molecular and lattice vibrations of lanthanides complexes must be tuned in order to disfavour such relaxation pathways. Here, lanthanide complexes are presented for which the intramolecular interactions are varied to gauge the influence on phonon-based relaxation as well as compounds that allow for a handle to control intermolecular interactions in the form of halogen bonds.



15.15 Uhr - Annie Powell, Karlsruhe: Musings

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