Jun 1 – 2, 2023
ZiF | Bielefeld University
Europe/Berlin timezone

Minimal FIMP models during reheating and inflationary constraints

Jun 1, 2023, 2:20 PM
Plenarsaal (ZiF | Bielefeld University)


ZiF | Bielefeld University

Methoden 1 33615 Bielefeld


Emanuele Copello (JGU Mainz)


We study the production of Dark Matter (DM) in a minimal freeze-in model during inflationary reheating. We analyze the case where a heavier parent particle decays into DM and a Standard Model fermion in two reheating scenarios: bosonic reheating (BR) and fermionic reheating (FR). We show that for a low reheating temperature, BR and FR scenarios predict different lifetimes and masses for the parent particle when considering potentials with power-law behavior. We highlight how different treatments of the reheating phase and definitions of the reheating temperature in the literature can lead to conflicting conclusions about the relevance of long-lived particle (LLP) searches in testing the freeze-in model. Additionally, we investigate the interplay between LLP searches and cosmological constraints on inflationary models, specifically $\alpha$-attractor E- and T-models. We find that the inflaton potential and the reheating temperature significantly affect the relic density of DM and have implications for interpreting collider signatures and understanding the dynamics of inflationary reheating.

Primary authors

Dr Mathias Becker (JGU Mainz) Emanuele Copello (JGU Mainz) Prof. Julia Harz (JGU Mainz) Mr Jonas Lang (TU München) Dr Yong Xu (JGU Mainz)

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